Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Best Clothes For Big Men

Sometimes it can be hard to buy clothes for a plus size guy because their options are not as many. For you to look great in your big body' you have to be quite careful with small details in your clothing such as length color and how fitting the clothes are.
  • Big men are better of with clothes that fit just enough; tight shirts make you look fat while oversize/ baggy T-shirts look odd on a big guy.
  • Big men also tend to look better in longer T-shirts. With such you will hide your belly if you have one plus they are more comfortable when you bend or move around because it's not cool to have your tummy sticking out when you wave at someone.
  • When wearing striped clothes especially for shirts and T- shirts, it is better to go for stripes that run from top to bottom. Stripes moving across from left to right emphasize too much on your big body while the dropping ones make you look slimmer. This also applies for striped coats.
  • A great choice of color will always draw people's attention from your big body. Go for cool colors that compliment your skin tone and blend in well for that balanced and complete big boy look. If you have a cool skin tone, choose clothes with cool colors such as sky blue, or ice colors and if you have a warm skin, it is better to wear pastel colors and warm colors such as yellow and shades of brown.
  • Tight knee length shorts are a big No for big men because they cause a big mismatch between your upper and lower body. Go for shorts below your knees and avoid very baggy or very tight so that you don't emphasize too much on your tummy
  • For jackets, avoid the ones that are straight from top to bottom unless they are really fitting. Jackets with banded bottoms look better on big men especially when going casual with jeans or  Khaki pants. Big guys also look great in collared or hooded jackets.
  • Go for low waist pants; never try to tie your belt on your tummy if you are a plus size man. A little sagging is also another option if you are short and big but be careful not to overdo it. If you are big and fit without a a big belly, you can always wear pants along your waistline.
Below is a sample of what your wardrobe should look like if you are a big man:
Suits with long coats

Darker colors have a slimming effect on your looks
Fitting Bottom banded shirts

Loose fitting shirts